To make sure we were fully skilled-up for the Days of Action, we hosted an Action Conference in September 2021 (which you can read more about here) followed by evening online skillshares.

These trainings aimed to build and enhance the movement against corporate greenwashing and to encourage new groups to enter this space.

Offline Tactics Skillshare

In this recording of the Fossil Ad & Sponsorship Ban Skillshare on Offline Tactics, we listen to Kevin Buckland from The Gastivists and Teresa Borasino from Fossil Free Culture, share their insights into creative and powerful tactics to disrupt fossil fuel companies attempts to gain social credibility on our streets, metros, museums and sport institutions.
In this recording:
00:00 – Welcome and the #BanFossilAds call to action
02:39 – Kevin Buckland – Gastivists
04:07 – Reframe the narrative
07:26 – Fossil Fuel narrative
16:07 – Video example
18:41 – Transition
19:40 – Teresa Borasino – Fossil Free Culture
22:39 – Action: “End the Fossil Fuel Age Now”
27:54 – Hijack leaflets
29:10 – Using the body
33:21 – Science Museum and Ogoni solidarity
35:00 – The butterfly effect
40:18 – Closing

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