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If you are not sure what fossil ads there are in your town/city, have a look at this map from Greenpeace

The Badvertising campaign is launching a ‘spoof public health information campaign’ on the dangers of advertising with different campaign material available in 7 European languages. Check out the webpage here  

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Let’s keep the pressure against fossil ads!

The coordination team.

What is an action conference?

Before a mass action, an action conference brings us together to find out about the issues, discuss ideas and tactics, share communication strategies and develop support networks. 

Join the conference to hear from speakers and take part in discussions. It’s also a chance to meet other people planning to take action and to ask the coordination team any questions.

Background: Across Europe from Thursday 7th – 10th October 2021, groups will take action against fossil advertising and sponsorship. The coordinated days of action builds on years of organising by groups seeking to remove polluter advertising and sponsorship from our public spaces, our media, our museums, sporting events and cultural spaces. The action will follow the launch of a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to the EU commission calling for a new European law to ban fossil advertising and sponsorship.

Speakers and discussion included:

What is the European Citizens Initiative to ban fossil advertising and sponsorship?
With Georgia Whitaker from Greenpeace International.
Find out who is taking part and how you can get involved.

Why we must stop corporate advertising fuelling the climate emergency
With Robbie Gillett from Adfree Cities and the Badvertising campaign

How do different high carbon industries use advertising and PR to greenwash their image? Why do Shell and Total adverts highlight their renewable investments so much? Why do airlines promote carbon offsetting schemes and biofuels? Let’s cut through the big polluter greenwash.

Why municipal councils are leading the way against fossil advertising
With Femke Sleegers from Reclame Fossielvrij

In April 2021, Amsterdam municipality became the first city to ban advertising and sponsorship by airline, car and fossil fuel companies. English councils in Liverpool, Norwich and North Somerset have also passed motions to implement similar policies. Find out how we can win over local governments to take action against polluter promotions.

Fossil fuel sponsorship and the social licence to operate
Chris Garrard – Culture Unstained

Discussion sessions include:

Ideas for taking action on 7th – 10th October
From subvertising to film nights, twitter storms to street protests, find out how you can take action against fossil advertising and sponsorship.