Fossil Ads Definition

Fossil advertising & sponsorship typically concerns those:

  • By the fossil fuel industry. 
  • For polluting travel (flights, cruises).
  • For polluting transport (cars with a fossil fuel engine).

The European Citizens’ Initiative to Ban Fossil Fuel Advertising and Sponsorships specifies: 

any promotion or advertising, direct or indirect, as well as any free or promotional distribution, or any sponsorship relationship:

  • For any and all companies and associated sub brands or lobbying organisations that extract, refine, produce, supply, distribute, or sell any fossil fuels.
  • For any companies that promote the use of any fossil fuel powered air, road or maritime vehicles operating from fossil fuels, with the exception of vehicles dedicated to transport services of general economic interest.
  • Of any fossil fuel products including oil, fossil gas, and coal.
Image credit: ClientEarth